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How did pugs become so popular?

Many people today do not know how pugs became so famous (via online marketing). However, with this information, you will understand it thus enabling you to be more well informed. Here is a guide on how pugs became so famous:

1. Links and referrals

Pugs became so famous via the links and references that people shared all over the internet. Individuals who had started to love these creatures also begun to share the links and referrals thus making Pugs improve their online presence. Ironically, this is much the same of SEO. The number of people who shared it played a significant role in ensuring that many people saw Pugs thus making them popular online. There are countless memes devoted to Pugs and even a recent super bowl commercial.

2. Reviews over the internet 

If you can do your online research today, you will get to see the number of people who used pugs on their websites thus making it so enthralling. Until today, you are likely to get many reviews of pugs for the people who bought them to live with them in the same house. As an individual who need one, you can read the reviews before deciding on what to do. 

3. A quick drive on social media

The power of social media can never be underrated, especially when you are talking about cute puppies. In addition, there was a big online marketing push about them especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc… Those who did not have information about these pugs were able to learn more about them thus being able to decide on whether to buy any of them or not. Those people who did not have information about the pugs were able to learn more prior to acquiring them.

In conclusion, the information will help you understand how a large amount of pugs has become so popular after a big push online about them on social media.